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Stefy's World

"No tricks"...

BFF MANU~ alright so stefy is basically the nicest person you will ever meet. She is really chill and she accepts everyone as they are. She wants world peace and she fights for what she believes in...She is very artistic and likes to sing..out of key at times but she loves to sing :) we've been good friends since middle school and i've helped her through all those insane problems she had... especially them boy problems, oh boy were those crazy and all those nights i would tell her he is no good for her! well she ended up realizing that..if you wanted to know. lol Sometimes she may speak before she thinks but we all are like that... she likes to be helping someone constantly and she is in love with romance..if the movie or book is not about romance LET ME TELL YOU she will hate it. lol she will think it is stupid anddd it would be "that was a waste of my time im sorry but it was" Also her romance movies/books HAVE to have like the most horrible tragedy of all or it will be BORING.. lol but as what i like to say, stephanie is hands down one of the best people you will ever come across. Get to know herrrrr :)