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So.. i realised this morning that the reason why ive been so out of it lately...truthfully is because i dont have a person to call best friend. I have friends but unfortunately the one person that i feel will understand me or the one person i feel i want to spill my guts isnt there for me. I dont have that person and ive been surpressing those feelings and thoughts for a while now. But truthfully im tired. Im tired of "growing apart". Why do we have to "grow apart"?! What is there to grow apart from?! What fucking changed? I STILL DONT GET IT! I DONT UNSERSTAND! I just need you and i still cant believe it was this easy for you to break our friendship. Why? I was that horrible to you as a friend?! IM SORRY! ← That is something i would and could say to her but A. Would it matter? B. Would she listen and understand? and C. Would it make a difference?


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