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Just finished my book "City if Glass", pretty awesome I tell you my friends.. so awesome that its almost 3 in the morning and im hyped up and dont want to go to bed. jeje :)  I love the way a book and take you to places; how it can take you on a ride of imagination so vast it can blow your mines. This world in perticular was so intricately woven together that it came alive in my head, as if I was watching a movie go through my head. But well, all books can be like that and some will take you on different journey's. Sometimes after I finish a book, the world I had in my head stays imprinted for a moment... just hovering and it feels almost as if a part of me ended there, in that story. Idk i guess if I was one of the characters in a play and their curtain just got thrown down on their finished scene... I guess you could say it that way.  Anyway, life my friends, is like a great book; you can easliy get lost in it's pages but  the story will keep going, unfolding like a "yellow brick road" or "a rabbit hole"lol.


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