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So i just finished watching the teen choice awards and like wow i must comment!!!!! lol
1* Sean Kingston's performance was bad ass!!
2*Robert looked HOT!!!!
4*The stage looked sooooooooo cool
5*Hugh Jackson looked like one of the hottest Aussie's i've ever seen..
6*Ashley greens dress was super duper pretty
7*Loved Miley's new song and performance
8*... and i want my hair as long as hers lol
9*I thought it wass total bogus when Zack Efron won the best comedian male or something .>:(
10*shhhhhhh I secretley wish that i was one of the girls that Nick Jonas hugged lol not anymore a secret l haha
11*Robert looked HOT!!!!!
12*I loved Selena Gomez's whole look... from the hair to the dress to the shoes!!!!
13*I cant believe Kat Von Dee went BLOND!!!!!!!
14*I think Kim Kardashion looks pretty Blondish
15*I wish they shaved off Joe's hair for real!!!!!
16*I think it was great Britney Spears received the "ultimate choice" award ( i think it was called that...)
17*The Jonas brothers little brother is the cutest kid i've ever seen lol
18*I didnt know that Ed Westwick was British?????!!!!!
19* Ed Westwick is SUPER DUPER SMOKEN!!!!!
20*Chace Crawford looked really cute at the awards lol
21* The Black Eye Peas performance didnt sound all that great live ....even though i love the song
22*i want a surf board!!!
23* #1<- on my bucket list is to learn how to surf!!!!
24*i think Ashley Tisdales hair looked dirty and greasy for some reason
25*one thing i did like about the black eye peas performance was when they came down on the surf boards  (TOTALLY WANT TO TRY THAT ONE DAY!!!!!)
26* Robert looked HOT!!!!!!!
27*Me n my sister cata think that Zack Efron is copying the Robert pattinson hair!!!!!!! He cant pull it off muuaaahahahahahahahaa
27*i though britney was ganna perform :( bummer
28*Strangely i liked Kristin Stewarts dress : )
29*I think i might die my hair to either black or blondish like Kim Kardashion
30* WOWOWOWOWOWOW "30" comments lol im tired hahaha well lets seee for this last one !!!!ROBERT PATTINSON LOOKED HAWWWWWWWWWWWT!!!!!!!!..... nuf said my friends


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your comments are great !
too bad i ddint get too see it..
i would probebly have more to say. lol
you said robert looked hot like 5 times. he must of been a hottie lol.
i cnt beleive believe kat went blond too. i have her on mysapce and saw a pic iw as like nooooo porqueeee lol.
well... yeah thers not alot i can say cuz i didnt get to see it lol. but i miss u and i lov uuuuuu and i cnt wait to see next week even though we barely talk now cuz your babysitting and stuff lol. telle veryone i loe them. and give your niece a kiss for me =D and tell chris i said to be nice till i get there lol jk. =]

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